Artificial Nails

manicure-ft-myersAt City Nails Salon, our licensed nail technicians are highly trained, extremely courteous and professional, and always happy to listen to and accommodate your requests.

Nail extensions literally extend your natural nails through the application of gel, gel overlay, acrylic, color powder, or glitter powder. The result will be nails that appear elegant, refined, and completely natural. We at City Nails Salon recommend that you schedule regular appointments to maintain your nail extensions so that they do not lift or crack. When nail extensions lift, crack, or grow out without maintenance, moisture, dirt, and water can become trapped under the nails, and fungus can begin to grow. Therefore, it is important that you refill your nail extensions at our salon every two to three weeks; depending on how quickly your nails grow. Please inform our staff if you’re allergic to particular chemicals as we have non-acidic liquids and other natural products to fulfill your needs.

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